Welcome to Zeal Environmental Technologies Limited (Ghana)

Welcome to Zeal Environmental Technologies, We are an environmental services company with over 35years of experience. Industries that we serve span Mining, Manufacturing, Oil, Gas to Municipal  Waste Management Services. Our prime focus has been in the Oil and Gas sector. Most of our operations for the past 5years have been based out of Takoradi, Ghana. Our service hours are virtually unlimited. We provide all our services 24hours 7days a week. We have gained the status of being one of the best in the West African Region, when it comes to the management of Environmental Waste Streams Produced by Oil Drilling and Rigging Activities, Contaminated Waste management, General Maritime Waste Services, Onshore and Offshore Tank Cleaning and Inspection Services.

We provide Oil spill and Hazmat emergency response. Zeal provides our clients with the flexibility to leave the sampling of waste products for lab analysis, removal, containing, transportation, processing, recycling and the disposal of their Waste Streams. We have an efficient organizational structure of the management of personnel with many years experience. Zeal coordinates with principal core sectors and compliant authorities, i.e the Environmental Protection Agency and other stakeholders whose activities are synchronized into a single operation that meets the contractual requirements of our clients.